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  • Foxxray Dark Star Headset

    R199.00 ex VAT

    FOXXRAY Headset with Mic

    SKU: SPK26
  • Foxxray Echo Microphone

    R199.00 ex VAT

    Foxxray Echo Desktop Microphone

    SKU: GAM57
  • Foxxray Equake Gaming Headset

    R299.00 ex VAT

    FOXXRAY Equake USB Gaming Headset

    SKU: SPK121
  • FOXXRAY Faith Gaming Headset

    R199.00 ex VAT

    FOXXRAY Faith Gaming Headset – FXR-BAL-29

    SKU: SPK16
  • Foxxray Spitfire Gaming Headset

    R399.00 ex VAT

    Foxxray Spitfire USB Gaming Headset

    SKU: SPK133
  • Foxxray Wurger Headset

    R349.00 ex VAT

    Foxxray Wurger RGB USB Headset

    SKU: SPK120
  • JAZZ 220 Stereo Headset

    R89.00 ex VAT

    Headset with fixed microphone

    SKU: SPKK72
  • JAZZ 567 Stereo Headset

    R159.00 ex VAT

    JAZZ Headset with adjustable mic and dual pin.

    SKU: SPK72
  • JAZZ Desktop Microphone

    R120.00 ex VAT

    JAZZ Desktop Microphone.

    SKU: SPK75
  • JAZZ UB700 Headset

    R219.00 ex VAT

    JAZZ stereo headset with multi-function control and dual pins.

    SKU: SPK71
  • Logitech H151 Headset

    R265.00 ex VAT

    Logitech H151 stereo headset with mic.

    SKU: SPK24
  • Logitech H151 Headset

    R279.00 ex VAT

    Logitech stereo, headset.

    SKU: SPK650
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