1. SPK56
  2. SPK56a
  1. BAG30
  2. BAG30a
  1. BAG23
  2. BAG23a
  1. ACC89
  2. ACC89a

New Products

  1. CABC2
  2. CABC2a
  1. LAP05
  2. LAP05a
  1. PRI82-1
  2. PRI82a-1
  1. MOS21
  2. MOS21a
  1. PORT3
  2. PORT3a
  1. NET503
  2. NET503a
  1. PRI14
  2. PRI14a
  1. SMA1
  2. SMA1a
  1. PAD4
  2. PAD4a
  1. GEN61
  2. GEN61a
  2. NET-TL-DECO-M4-2PKa
  1. SOF14-1
  2. SOF14a-1
  1. CAB14
  2. CAB14a
  2. NET-TL-DECO-M4-3PKa
  1. M32
  2. M32a
  1. MSE219
  2. MSE219a
  1. MSE224
  2. MSE224a
  1. CAB28
  2. CAB28a
  1. CAB06
  2. CAB06a
  1. FLASH9
  2. FLASH9a
  1. FLASH7
  2. FLASH7a
  1. FLASH10
  2. FLASH10a
  1. FLASH5
  2. FLASH5a
  1. FLASH4
  2. FLASH4a
  1. FLASH12
  2. FLASH12a
  1. FLASH6
  2. FLASH6a
  1. RAM40
  2. RAM40a
  1. HD53
  2. HD53a
  1. SOF2
  2. SOF2a
  1. UPS60
  2. UPS60a
  1. MOS14
  2. MOS14a
  1. MOS14a
  2. P-CORDa
  1. CAB008
  2. CAB008a

We supply wholesalers, retailers, corporate and individual customers. We believe we are big enough to deliver and small enough to care.


Having problems with you I.T. equipment?

We have you covered with all your computers, printers, networking and related equipment. We’ll have you up and running in no time and keep you working.


You can have an ideal email setup, with archiving and backup options that will ensure you can always easily find any email and you’ll never ever lose an email again.


Need somewhere to host your website and have it available to viewers, we have packages that’ll keep your costs low and your online presence high.


Complete wired and wireless networking solutions to get you connected.


Stop receiving spam today, you can have your email run through our spam filter and reduce the amount of spam you have by over 90%.


Switch your telephones over to a VOIP system and have a lot more functionality and a lot lower costs.



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Star Ink Partner

We Stock:

Laptop Chargers from R150

Laptop Batteries from R350

Laptop Screens from R699

Laptop Keyboards from R299

Registered customers get given login details to access our price list as well as being notified of specials and promotions that are available. The registration process is simple, just click the link below to get started.

E&OE – Prices excluding VAT unless otherwise stated – Pictures for reference only.

Some of the brands we deal with:


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