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HugePC Online Shop Partnership

Build your online business

HugePC provides you with a fully stocked online shop that can be integrated into your website enabling you to sell our entire catalog to your customers.


Product prices and inventory levels are synchronized between the HugePC inventory system and your website automatically ensuring they are accurate and up to date.


We offer two options, a fully managed solution whereby you have minimal administration requirements, or integration into your current store where our products are just in addition to your current catalog and your administration remains entirely up to you.

Stock, Orders & Deliveries

HugePC gives you access to over R450 million worth of inventory for your online shop and when orders are placed on your website, we handle the delivery to either you, or directly to your customer.


As sales are captured in our system inventory across the entire network is updated, ensuring your stock levels are accurate on your website.


We can handle the majority of the logistics for you, enabling you to focus on growing your business and increasing your sales.


The HugePC Online Shop Partnership gives you the ability to add the entire HugePC inventory to your website for your customers to buy. By offering them and extended range of products, you ensure they purchase all their tech from you instead of needing to look elsewhere for products you might not have in stock (if you already have an online shop operating).

When a purchase is made on your website, you receive a discount from HugePC (Reseller Pricing), and your customer pays you your resale price which is automatically calculated when the products are created on your website through the integration tool. 

You have the ability to determine what percentage increase you would like added to the sale price on your website better matching your retail prices to your target market.

After the initial cost of setting up your integration (and website if needed), the ongoing costs are minimal, consisting only of your hosting and domain renewal, so you can break even in a relatively short period of time.


The range and overall value of the products listed on your website grows daily, at no additional cost to you.


Your sales potential is uncapped as inventory levels and new products are continually replenished and increased.


The requirements to integrate with our HugePC inventory are that you have a website for us to link our products to. We most commonly work with WordPress websites that are running Woocommerce, but can build custom integrations into other sites if you are using a different platform.



If you don’t have a website, we can design one for you, or you can get one designed by your own website designer and then we can integrate into it.

There are a few additional requirements to get fully operational  these are:

We can assist with the majority of the setup, you simply need to sort out your bank account and payment gateway, and any other business registration requirements. Aside from that, your site, integration and ability to sell online can be done within 2 to 3 weeks and you can be fully operational in less than 1 month.

Since you do not have to invest in stock, staff, rent and all the other operational expenses related to starting a business, your business can be profitable very quickly. And if you are adding this to your existing business, it will help you increase your revenue and profits with minimal cost.

And what we think is the biggest advantage is that we will be working with you to help you succeed, we will be assisting with advertising material, search engine optimization and anything else to help you increase your sales as your success is directly linked to ours!


Inventory Integration

The inventory integration is the link to the HugePC inventory that will keep your products and prices up to date.

It needs to remain active in order to keep your product stock levels and prices current.

There is the initial setup after which it will run automatically and not need much in the way of maintenance. We will ensure it works and manage any issues or maintenance required by it.


There is a once off fee for setting up the integration, this is separate from the website design, if you also need a website designed that will be charged separate from the integration. 

Once Off R4999

Website Design

To sell online, you need a platform. We can assist with creating you an e-commerce website that will enable you to link to our products and sell directly to your own customers.

In addition to selling directly to your customers, you can also link your website products to other platforms such as Bobshop, increasing your potential sales.

This design packaged is focused on creating you a website to sell our products, for additional customization and functionality we would quote you based on the work required.

In addition to the design, you also need a domain and hosting. The domain is a yearly fee, and the hosting is a monthly fee.


Design Fee R2999

Yearly Domain Registration / Renewal – R120

Monthly Website & Email Hosting – R299

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not have a website or anything setup, the cost to get started will be the Website Design cost of R2999 + the Integration at R4999, you would also need a domain name and hosting. So your immediate payment will be R8,417. And then every month your hosting will cost R299. The hosting includes email accounts at your domain.

Yes you can. The different platforms have different requirements, but from the start if you have a seller account on Bobshop we can link it to your website and all the products on your website will also be available for sale on Bobshop.

Other platforms like Takealot, Makro and Leroy Merlin have some additional requirements and need specific plugins to link to them, but there are plugins available, although they do have separate charges from their providers.

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